Mickey Mouse
Mickey KHIII
Universe: Mickey Mouse and Friends

"Let the light sine through"

Mickey's Intro

Mickey Mouse is a character in the Cartoon All-Stars -Battle Royale- and the main character in the game's Adventure Mode, he is also a starter character in the game as well.

Adventure Mode Edit

While ending the Electrical Parade Mickey was heading back to the Disney Castle when suddenly a Heartless army swarms Disney Town and attack Mickey. Mickey then summons the Star Seeker and defeats the Heartless army. But then he sees a dark cloud covering the top of the castle, on the castle shadow versions of himself and Minnie appear from the shadow of Mickey even though they seem powerful Mickey makes quick work of them and then heads down to the ground. more info coming soon

Moveset Edit

Mickey plays somewhat like Mario does in the SSB series only he uses acrobatics and his Keyblade "Star Seeker" Mickey makes use of his Keyblade for most of his fighting moves but he also uses acrobatics like flip kicking, side tornado kick, and a spin attack. his final attack is called "Seal the Darkness" where he uses the Kingdom Key D seal his enemy in the door to darkness.


  • While Mickey uses Kingdom Key D in his final attack but he will always use the Star Seeker in his moveset
  • Mickey's intro is a reference to where Sora first saw him in Kingdom Hearts
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