Magic Kingdom: Disney Castle
Universe: Mickey Mouse and Friends
Tracks: Simple and Clean

Magic Kingdom: Disney Castle is a stage in Cartoon All-Stars -Battle Royale- that is in both Classic Mode and Adventure Mode. it is the home to all the Mickey Mouse characters in the game.

​Stage DescriptionEdit

The Stage will be redisigned for the game and will be fought on the roof of the castle, but don't worry the entire castle is drawn, it's also nightfall at the castle so expect it to be lit up with colors. You can also see many references to other classic Disney characters in the night sky of the castle.


While the actual Origin is well known, why it's here is a little weird. The reason why it's here is based on Kingdom Hearts because in the game it's a location in the Disney world, although it doesn't have the design from it's own world that is the reason it's in the game as a stage.

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