Universe: Mickey Mouse and Friends

"*Iconic Scream*"

— Goofy's Intro

Goofy is Mickey's friend and royal knight of Disney Castle is a character in Cartoon All-Stars -Battle Royale- he is a starter character in the game as well.

Adventure Mode Edit

Goofy can be seen in his regular outfit in the Magic Kingdom stage driving the Electrical Parade Train other than that he has no relevance in the Adventure Mode

Moveset Edit

Goofy's moves revolve around a wooden sword and the royal shield, he plays almost like Link from the Smash Bros. games only with two differences, he can't down thrust and during his spin move he uses his royal shield.

Trivia Edit

  • Goofy didn't have a wooden sword in his moves he only had a shield in Kingdom Hearts
  • Goofy is only seen in his regular clothes only in the Magic Kingdom stage
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