Classic Mode (Also known as Ladder Mode) is a game mode in Cartoon All-Stars -Battle Royale- and is the main mode of the game. In this mode you choose a character and choose a path either Blue, Green, and Red.

Blue PathEdit

The Blue Path is the easy difficulty of the ladder mode, the Blue Path has only one character to fight in any of said characters in their universes stages and no gimmicks.

Green PathEdit

The Green Path is the Classic Difficulty of the ladder mode, in the path you fight a single character, Teams, and one black ink character.

​Green Path - Part 2: Black Ink Characters and TeamsEdit

Black Ink Characters are characters are completely covered in ink they don't flinch and they also drop much heavier. Team Battles can have an army with the same character up to 20 or 10, or, they can be duo (ex: Anon V.S. Mickey and Oswald).

Red PathEdit

The Red Path is the Hard Difficulty of the ladder mode, and is the hardest difficulty of the mode, there are no single fights only Duo teams (replacing the single fights), Army teams, and a Black Ink fight.

Charles Mintz and MaleficentEdit

When reaching the end of Classic mode a dark purple path opens, on the circle is a gravestone and a pink bubble. when going into the stage, the gravestone will be struck by lightning and reveal a giant devil red ghost, Charles Mintz is the final boss of Classic mode. But the fight is not over when you get Mintz down to 250hp the pink bubble will break and Maleficent's Dragon from will release. when you defeat them both you win Classic Mode.

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