Adventure Mode is the Story Mode of Cartoon All-Stars -Battle Royale- and progresses each stage from point A to Point B and ends the stage with a fight with a starter Character.

The StoryEdit

Pete conducted a plan to get rid of Mickey Mouse once and for all but in doing so created a monster inside of himself and can only be let out if someone would confront him, well if that's what he wants Mickey Mouse will give to him and stop him from killing the Mouse himself

​Level 1: Magic Kingdom AdventureEdit

Part 1: Race to the FinishEdit

Mickey Mouse's home is overrun with Pete's monsters terrorizing the visitors and it's your job as the mouse it's your job to use the paintbrush and clean up the monsters.

Part 2: Team Mickey BattleEdit

At the end of the stage Mickey runs into shadow versions of himself and Minnie on the castle, to get rid of them just battle them until they get launched into the air or spike them to the ground

More info coming soonEdit

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